Goldfish Farm Whitemans Valley

Specialists in breeding and raising large goldfish and shubunkins

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Supplying New Zealand.
Based in Wellington.

At Goldfish Farm Whitemans Valley, we specialise in breeding and raising goldfish and shubunkins, from the small 5cm fish to the larger 35cm, and all sizes in between.

Goldfish make a great addition to ponds, fountains and water features. They come in all shapes and sizes, are inexpensive, colourful, resilient and incredibly low-maintenance.

Our farm consists of 3 large ponds, 1 settling pond, 7 large holding ponds and several round breeding/holding tanks. Goldfish adjust to the size of the area of water they live in, so we are able to grow some very large fish due to the sheer size of some of our ponds.

We ship the fish in plastic bags filled with oxygenated water as the fish can survive for a number of days this way.

Pricing & Shipping