Feeding Goldfish

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Like most fish, goldfish are opportunistic feeders.

When an excess of food is offered, they will produce more waste and faeces. Overfed fish can sometimes be recognised by faeces trailing from their anus.

Goldfish need only be fed as much food as they can consume in three or four minutes, and no more than twice a day.

Extreme overfeeding can be fatal, usually by bursting the intestines. This happens most often with selectively bred goldfish which have a convoluted intestinal tract as opposed to a straight one in common goldfish.

Special goldfish food has a lower protein and higher carbohydrate content. It is sold in two consistencies:

  • flakes that float at the top of the aquarium
  • granules that sink slowly to the bottom.

We sell floating pond food, available for $6 for 250 grams or $20 for 1kg. Postage is $11 for up to 1.5kg.

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